About Me - Stephanie Leigh

Hello and welcome to my essential oil site! I am glad you stopped by. This page is to get a little insight about me, Stephanie, and my journey with essential oils.

First, I am the proud wife of a kind, loving, patient man. I could not be more blessed by the man God meant for me. Second, I am the very proud mama of two littles who keep me on my toes but my heart FULL of love, laughter, and joy every single day. We are originally from Texas and are both Texas A&M Aggies. My husband's career keeps us moving and constantly seeking new advnetures. We currently live in paradise just a bridge away from the white sandy beaches of Destin, Florida.

You might hear "journey" a lot when talking to somebody who uses oils. It is because there are simply SO MANY oils and ways to use them. It is a day at a time learning process with never ending creative possibilities. My son is what originally started this journey. To make a long story short, due to many factors he was not sleeping at night. I had several friends read some facebook posts of mine as to why he wasn't sleeping and they told me how well certain oils had worked for them in similar situations. I think that is what grabbed my attention. It wasn't just one friend who felt the need to share their experience with me, but four. Four friends, all trustworthy amazing ladies. Two of them were distributors of oils and two of them simply loved their products. So I started the research. I finally felt confident enough to try them, and they were a game changer for my family. I now use them not just for my son, but for dozens of things around the house every day. I use them for cleaning, insect repellent, bath salts, aromatic diffusers, linen spray, homemade dryer sheets, etc etc etc. The more I learn the more I love them. After talking about the oils with friends I found out how many of them had been using them already. WHY hadn't they told me!!?? Well, I'm not going to let that happen :) This is me, sharing my love of essential oils with YOU!

I encourage you to research, ask questions, try them. I am always willing to send samples or even order wholesale for you to try specific products!

Thank you for stopping by!

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