Wholesale vs Resale - Stephanie Leigh

Wholesale vs Retail

Wholesale: (Hint: YOU WANT THIS OPTION!)

Receive 24% off retail pricing and many other benefits that come with the membership! Click the link at the bottom of the page for more details! To become a wholesale member you must purchase a starter kit. The starter kits are wonderful and come with everything you need to get started using your oils. It is over a $400 value to everything included, but the membership with the kit is only $165!  I often buy a new kit when I am running low on some of the more expensive oils included or if I am in need of a new diffuser (and who can have too many diffusers?)

What exactly comes with your starter kit? Click here! There are more diffuser options and even a Thieves starter kit or NingXia Red starter kit! These will be available options when you click the purchase link below!

Please note, there is absolutely no requirement to sell essential oils by becoming a wholesale member.


Enjoy purchasing your favorite Young Living products at retail prices. There is no need to purchase a starter kit with this option.

Whether you want wholesale or retail...


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